Connections LP

by Jon Walker

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released January 27, 2014

music and lyrics by Jon Walker
published by The Youngest Walker (ASCAP)

performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Jon Walker except keys by Mike Miamone

photo by Jon Hogan



all rights reserved


Jon Walker Los Angeles, California

This is my solo discography.

For other information, google it.

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Track Name: Rock and Roll
welcome to the show
sit back and have a drink
let me tell you why time goes by
faster than you think
meet me at the bar
we can tell each other how it goes
this is a paradise in disguise
everything we know is only what we've been told

the further we go, I get this feeling in my soul
what happened to rock and roll?

darkness is a sign
that light may not always be here
we are all parasites deep inside
everything we know is only what we can hold
Track Name: A New Song
it's been awhile since I saw you
my head is higher than the clouds
and I am puzzled by the pieces
kept in the crowd perfectly proud
I been working on my magic
ain't no end to my beliefs
all I know is there's a problem
like a disease coming for me

something's gonna happen
I can feel it coming
this way or that way
we've been waiting too long
and we're still going strong
but we need a new song

my, oh my, the situation
is apathetically designed
exercise your intuition
what do you find controlling your mind?
ain't no matter what I tell you
gotta see it to believe
there will always be a secret society
coming for me

if I ever see you, I'd love to let you in my head, maybe we can solve the puzzle...
Track Name: Wonderer
they always say be who you are
who am I? I'm a wonderer, I've been better
we've all been there before

suffice to say, I'm afraid
we can't ignore the way we're living
it's a struggle, it's a goddamn war

what are we fighting for
i've been trying to figure it out
hey baby, we might be crazy
maybe that's just who we are

the more you wait, the more it hurts
remember when you thought that living
was just a juggle, we've all been there before

turn the page and close the book
take a rest and start another one
it's a bubble inside another one
Track Name: The Plot
this is just part of the plot
to take everything that you got
do what you're told and give up your soul
whether you want to or not

some get ahold of a gun
others would rather be done
that may depend on the state you were in
when you learned the things you were taught

can you admit to yourself
you could've been wrong all along
that may depends on the places you've been
or more so the ones you have not
Track Name: Inside the Sky
will i stay, will i go
that's something that i don't know
what's above and what's below
that's another thing that i don't know
all i know is i don't know

i try to live my life like it's all that i got
but if they stopped the ride
would that even mean everything?
i don't really think so

where are you and where am i
on a rock inside the sky
i need to know for goodness sake
why we love and why we hate
is it will or is it fate?
Track Name: We Have Time
quit selling a lie
get a hold of yourself
and do what makes you
feel like more than just a shell

suck up or suffer
or keep on telling yourself
it could be different
if you only had the time
when all we have is time

but where did it go?
nobody knows
gone with the wind
look at it float
just like a boat
that no one can buy

quit waiting to die
get a hold of your life
we are all strangers
looking for a better time

mothers and fathers
daughters and sons
it may not be your fault
if you're not having fun
Track Name: Everything Changes
never has no one not needed some help
why don't we see what we do to ourselves
so much to hide we are buried alive
while swallowing down with a false sense of pride

if everyone knew the true price that we pay
all our problems would be solved right away
there's no denying that no one's the same
but everyone has something special to say

everything changes, change is everything
change is a pulse, you can feel it
can you feel it?

corruption continues to figure our fate
if you don't give in it might not be to late
you don't have to love everything that you hate
but change is a coming and it will not wait

all we have left is the peace in our mind
directly connecting our chance to survive
what will we do with the rest of our time?

we have to bridge the divide
we have to fight for our lives
Track Name: Forever in the Wild
now I know what all of this was for
it took me quite a while to find what I was hiding
I was just a child forever in the wild

every breath becomes a part of me
every moment is a mile
every everlasting memory
forever in the wild

now I see something I believe
a never ending spiral suspended in a dream
I am just a child forever in the wild
Track Name: Connections
i tried to write a song without any words
obviously you can see how well i did
it would be a hit if i had some friends
with a lot of money and more importantly, connections

i tried to write a song that should've been a book
turned into a movie cause who has the time
trying to unwind and finding peace of mind
is a contradiction unless you have learned to get lifted

break out of the mold
it shouldn't be there
it isn't your fault
but it is your problem