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by Jon Walker

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released January 6, 2011

music and lyrics by Jon Walker
published by The Youngest Walker

recorded and mixed very poorly by Jon Walker



all rights reserved


Jon Walker Los Angeles, California

This is my solo discography.

For other information, google it.

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Track Name: Alone
it's 10 o'clock in the morning
i don't want to get up today
i don't know what else to say
i'm all alone
i could have been home yesterday

it doesn't feel like the summer
it's cold when there's nothing to do
december looks so much like june
i'm all alone
on the phone talking to you

i thought that i would be happy
i thought i had nothing to lose
they say that good things come in twos
i'm all alone
but at least i'm out of the news

it's 10 o'clock in the evening
what did i do with my day
i feel like i'm wasting away
i'm all alone
with the words i wish i could say

it's 3 o'clock in the morning
i'm on a plane headed east
i'm not going to get any sleep
but i'm going home
because i have some one i need

so what's going to happen tomorrow?
there's really know way to know
i'll just have to get up and go
i won't be afraid
as long as i'm never alone
no i won't be afraid
as long as i'm never alone
i can't be afraid
and god knows i can't be alone
Track Name: Sun And Moon
i don't need a lot of things
i have love and that is everything
what's the point of holding on
if the two of you just don't belong

please hear me out
i don't want to shout
i don't need the sun and the moon
to tell me what to do
as long as i have you

i could have been a lot of things
i could have see the world with broken wings
you're the only one who understands
yea, you're the only one who understands

maybe we should get away
i can't stay here for another day
i'll do anything you want me to
you're the only thing i'll never lose
Track Name: Don't Be Afraid
i opened a door
i couldn't remember my own name
i wasn't sure
but i could have anything

look at the time
it has an unusual design
before you know
you're in the thick of it

only you can choose to do the things you do
besides your mind, what else do you have to lose

don't be afraid

forget what you've heard
you gotta start listening to me
we're stuck on the earth
but it's not such a tragedy
Track Name: Lullaby
i never thought about the after life
until i thought i about the day you had to die
i hope i will see you another time
in a place we never have to say goodbye

here's your lullaby
good night

all the days are going to pass away
until the day we're torn away from what we know
i hope that i can keep my soul
in a place beyond the things that we were shown

i never thought to think about the end
the more i do the less i think about
the mess that we're all in
living in this world
i'm lucky that i found you

here's your lullaby
good night
Track Name: Growing A Beard
i am growing a beard
i hope it isn't weird
when i look into the mirror
will i recognize myself
i don't want to look like someone else
i'm just trying to stay warm

i made a fire, one with a purpose
everything i didn't need went inside it
and in the morning i felt so much better
moving forward with next to nothing helps

i wish someone told me this was going to happen
but it was probably better that way
what is a life without any lessons
what is a story without a happy end