Crazy Dream EP

by Jon Walker

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released November 16, 2012

music and lyrics by Jon Walker
published by The Youngest Walker (ASCAP)

recorded and mixed by Dan Duszynski
mastered by Carl Saff
performed by Jon Walker except:
backing vocals and auxiliary percussion by Dan Duszynski
guitar at end of Crazy Dream by Dan Duszynski
bass on Crazy Dream by Bob Buckstaff
keys on Crazy Dream and Free by Mike Maimone
keys on Only My Mind by Cassie Walker



all rights reserved


Jon Walker Los Angeles, California

This is my solo discography.

For other information, google it.

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Track Name: Crazy Dream
conquerors and kings keep accumulating things
a never ending war keeps the spirit commandeered
If heaven is on earth then hell is also here

part of letting go is learning to survive
on only what you need to actually get by
time is just a word evolution has defined

somehow I know this is all a dream
I'm kinda glad that I had such a crazy dream

open up your ears, I believe in you,
a love completely true is battling the fear
if heaven is on earth then hell is also here

open up your eyes, be grateful for the sun
remember to respect everything and everyone
for all the evil did there is more good to be done
Track Name: Free
I am free to do as I please
except for a few things

they charge for the water
control the soil and force me into boundries

and it feels like there is nothing i can do about it
cause they have too much power over me

they hide inside the skyline
there never was a fine line
the balance always slanted

the answer to the problem
is they need me more than i need them
so i'll try loving for a living

but they're poisoning the planet
and justifying murder
and we just let it happen
Track Name: Me and You
I used to be 5, now i'm past 25
I hope i'm alive when im 95
105 might be too many 5's
depending on what type of technology exists

talk to me, let me know you
it's now about who is who, unless its me and you

if i'm still alive and you need a friend
just come on by, i'll let you in
I like to cook and I like to clean
and i've got a decent pair of stereo headphones

no one wants to be forgotten
no one wants to lose
no one tells the truth
no one cares about me and you
Track Name: Only My Mind
he's right above your shoulder
with thoughts becoming colder
the man behind the madness
and there's no where to hide
the wire is on fire
the flame is burning brighter
something's gonna happen tonight

i spent the afternoon
separated from space and time
with only my mind

we are all divided
and some one else decided
to see it like they call it
and keep us in line
the hole is getting deeper
the pig is getting bigger
the finger on the trigger
is not letting go

i don't need a new world order
but something's gonna happen tonight

assuming he can hear me
he's probably gonna kill me
for spreading these opinions
and fueling the fight